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An Orchard Lake, Mich., man found some unexpected guests inside his mailbox this past August...

According to USA Today, 72-year-old Dan Powell went to get the mail one day and found two tiny wooden dolls sitting on a miniature couch near a small table. They came with a note that said,

We’ve decided to live here. Mary and Shelley.

Powell wondered if it the little scraggly haired dolls were meant for someone else or if someone was playing a joke on him.

He asked his neighbors and no one else had gotten any weird little dolls in their mailboxes.

I mean, I can see why the dolls would want to move in. It's a pretty nice mailbox! Powell and his wife had it custom made to look like their house.

You can check out pictures here.

But what of the mystery of the wooden figurines? Powell resisted the urge to evict his new tenants. According to USA Today:

Struck by a change of heart, he pushed the couple and their belongings to the back of the mailbox and went about his business.

But then things got weird(er).

More furniture started showing up for the dolls, like a bed and a wood burning stove. Mary and Shelley even got a dog!

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

Powell took to Nextdoor, but no one admitted to knowing anything about it.

The dolls even get decked out for the holidays! On Halloween, Mary and Shelley were temporarily replaced with tiny skeleton dolls.

Powell says his neighbors are getting a kick out of it on Nextdoor.

While it IS illegal to tamper with someone else's mailbox... what do you think in this case? Is it harmless fun or is it all just too weird? He continues to get mail as the box is so large there's plenty of room for Mary and Shelley and whatever the postal worker drops off.

At this point, Powell seems to be enjoying it! He tells USA Today,

I’m kind of enjoying the mystery. I look forward to new things being added to the mailbox.

He's even thinking of writing a children's book about the whole experience!

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