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First problem: according to Lansing’s assessor of record, the Michigan Senate severally overpaid for their new office space.

Second problem: the person who the Republican controlled Senate bought the building from is a very politically-connected man who donates mostly to Republicans.  I say mostly, I did see some donations to a few democrats.

Third problem: the State of Michigan's real estate division requires an appraisal before buying a new building.  The Senate never asked or received one, breaking their-own law.

I found this all out by reading an article from, I must compliment them on their reporting.

The Lansing assessor believes the building the State is going to buy for $41 million dollars is really worth only about $12 million.

He did not stop there; he went on to say he believes if they were to have to build that building today it would only cost $22 million.

The Republican controlled Senate is not only paying $41 million but will need to also pay approximately $10 million dollars in improvements to the building.

Does this smell like a political payoff to you?

I believe it is one of three things:

  1. If it walks like duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck.  By that I mean it is a political payoff.


  1. The assessor has a political agenda.


  1. There is more to the story that we do not know


I guess it could be part of all three.

Now before all the democrats get on their high horse, they did the same thing back in 2011 when they purchased the State Police headquarters.  They also broke their own law by not getting an appraisal and the Lansing Assessor said they paid way too much for that building.

So you see it appears both parties do not believe they must follow the law and can use our money to pay off their donors.

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