We keep hearing about the first 100 days in a new Presidents administration and what they accomplish in that time period.

Does the first 100 days really matter in the grand scheme of things, do you really care about the first 100 days of a new Presidents administration?

If you answered yes then without cheating what did President Obama, President George W. Bush, President Clinton, President George W.H. Bush or President Reagan accomplish in their first 100 days.

Could you name one thing, I could not and in fact could care less.

Would you judge a football team on their first offense drive or defensive stand?

Would you judge a baseball team on the first inning of a ball game?

Would you judge a basketball team on their first quarter of play when in reality in basketball it always seems to come down to the last few minutes of a game?

Would you judge a play on the first act only?

I think I made my point.  Let’s be realistic, what really matters is what a President does in his first and if possible second term.

Do you really want to push a president any president to rush legislation to complete it under an arbitrary 100 day timeframe.  That could in most cases mean law’s that were not thought out very well and could ultimately harm us American citizens.

When did the first 100 days come about?  The tradition appears to date back to Franklin D. Roosevelt who apparently had signed 76 pieces of legislation by the time he reached it.  Can any of you name one without cheating?

So why did President Trump or any of the previous Presidents allow themselves to get sucked into this vortex, that I do not know. Does not the saying go “under-promise and over-deliver”.

Before President Trump took the oath of office he promised big changes in the first 100 days of his administration, including repealing and replacing ObamaCare, cracking down on illegal immigration and pursuing a tax overhaul.

Well he attempted to repeal and replace Obamacare but the Democrats and some Republicans stopped him.  He is attempting to crack down on illegal immigration but the Democrats and their judges are stopping him and he has yet to inform us on his tax overhaul plan although that is supposed to be announced today.

But what has he done, let’s review what President Trump actually did:

  • He did get the “conservative” Justice Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court in the face of deep Democratic opposition. As well as forcing the hands of the Democrat Party which then allowed the Senate to do what the previous Senate controlled by the Democrats did and that was to evoke the “nuclear option,” changing precedent so that Gorsuch could be confirmed with a simple majority of 51 senators as opposed to 60.  Which means if he was to have to nominate another Supreme Court Justice the approval process will be much easier. Now whether that is good or bad is up to you to decide.
  • He did attempt to repeal ObamaCare, it failed but it began the work needed for a new health care package.
  • He did reassert the United States as a force for good in the world by bombing Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles in response to their chemical attack on their civilians. Something former President Obama did not do.
  • He has moved China in the direction of helping us deal with the North Korean nuclear issue.
  • He did clear the way for two major oil pipeline projects that had been stalled and ultimately blocked by the Obama administration to move forward. Those being the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. This helped America to become more energy independent.
  • He did start a national conversation on Sanctuary cities and the need get back to the rule of law.
  • He reduced border-crossing rates to the lowest in 17 years
  • He has created travel restrictions on select countries which former President Obama stated were “countries of concern” yet former President Obama was not concerned enough to do anything about them.
  • He has signed 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA’s) resolutions over the first 100 days, more than any other President ever. A CRA empowers Congress to review, by means of an expedited legislative process, new federal regulations issued by government agencies and, by passage of a joint resolution, to overrule a regulation.
  • He did rescind former President Obama’s job-killing regulations and anti-coal restrictions.
  • He signed the 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order.
  • Under President Trump over 500,000 new jobs have been created. Also there appears to be a renewed optimistic spirit about the American economy, consumer confidence is on the rise as well as the stock market.
  • He began re-negotiation of the anti-American trade deals, as well as withdrawn from The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which many experts say was not good for America.
  • He has put new sanctions on Iran due to their nuclear weapons program.
  • He has requested Congress to increase the national security budget by over $54 billion.
  • He has created an opioid abuse and addiction committee, another campaign promise he has made good on.
  • He has Negotiated savings on the F-35 military contract, saving taxpayers over $700 million, as well as reduced the price we the taxpayer will pay for a pair of two new Air Force One airplanes.
  • He has chosen a cabinet that many say is one of the most talented in Presidential history.

The list goes on and on and it is up to you to decide if those are truly good accomplishments or not.

I do go back to what I stated above, does it really matter what he accomplished in his first 100 days or his first 4 years?

You decide.

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