Emotional testimony Monday in a Clinton County Courtroom regarding the death of a Michigan State University student.

18 year olds Samantha Grigg and Tyrel Bredernitz along with 16 year old Bredan Heim are facing a number of charges including first degree murder and armed robbery in connection with the bizarre death of 19 year old Dustyn Frolka. 

The teen was found the evening of February 15th, half-clothed with trouble breathing, along I-69.  Despite efforts by a passerby, a nurse, Frolka died of his injuries.

In court proceedings Monday in District Court in St. Johns, prosecutors laid out their case against the three.  They claim Frolka was beaten with the use of brass knuckles in a robbery and then dumped from a moving vehicle--still alive.

WLNS-TV in Lansing says a search warrant turned up cocaine, marijuana and other drugs in a truck they believe Frolka was tossed from the night of his death.

Prosecutors say they're not ruling out the possibility of more arrests in the case, but are pretty confident in the charges they've leveled against the three defendents so far.