Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence star in American Hustle, a potential Oscar nominated film.  The movie begins with a title screen that says "most of this is a true story" which instantly drew me in.

The stars got me to see the movie, the title screen grabbed my attention, and their performances kept my attention.  The chemistry between the four main actors was outstanding.  I predict this will not only be nominated for Best Film, but Cooper and Lawrence will both get nominations for supporting actor/actress.

Bale played Irving Rosenfeld a con artist that throughout the movie you loved, hated, laughed at, felt nervous for, wanted to yell at, help and in the end you were happy for.  He did an outstanding job making the viewer feel.  That is what makes the experience of going to a movie worth it.  For an hour an a half you were completely engrossed in another world.

The story was set in the 70's with con artists, crooked politicians, trophy wives, and mobsters.  Every time I thought I had the story figured out there was another twist or turn.  This is a must see movie.

Adams plays Bales love interest and partner in crime.  She is a chameleon in the film, adapting to every situation thrown at her.  She is always one step ahead.  Lawrence is Bales wife, a crazy stay at home trophy wife.  She is constantly creating situations that Bale needs to fix, and then telling him she did it on purpose to motivate him.

Cooper is a power hungry FBI agent that brings in Adams and Bale to help bring down politicians and mobsters who are trying to rebuild Atlantic City.

David O. Russell directed, Jeremy Renner, Michael Pena, and Elisabeth Rohm also make appearances in the film.

I watched in style at Studio C, in Okemos.  There is no better way to view a film, feet up, reclined back, with popcorn and candy.

If you have seen American Hustle, what did you think?  If you haven't, is it on your "to watch" list?

Amanda waiting for American Hustle to start at Studio C in Okemos, Michigan. Photo: Mike McGarry