The Detroit Pershing High School teacher who broke up a vicious fight between two teenage students in her classroom can have her job back.

Her lawyer said she will decide soon if she wants to go back to Detroit Pershing High School. He also said the following “We’re having good faith discussions with the EAA to bring this matter to a resolution,” Abood said this evening. “We appreciate the fact that the EAA has essentially admitted they were wrong with their prior actions in terminating her.”

The EAA announced yesterday that the teacher would have the option of returning to the Detroit school or going to another school in the district of her choosing.

The teacher Ms. Eaton was fired May 1, a day after a fight erupted between two boys in her classroom and once one teenager began pummeling the other student with his fist to the other students head.  Once this happened the teacher used a broom to break it up.

The principal of Detroit Pershing High School Gregory King told the Detroit Free Press in an e-mailed statement Monday that the firing seemed illegal and “basic investigation procedures usually followed were not undertaken.”

Principal King also said he has asked repeatedly for safety-committee meetings and for administrators to address insufficient security at the school.

It appears sanity has won in this case.