I see what you're doing. I support Stafford. I am still a Lions fan.

This might be a bit much.

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Wait until they see this logo and t-shirt.

The Big Game is this weekend. Lions former QB Matt Stafford is doing with one team in one season what he couldn't do in an entire career here in Michigan for Detroit.

He and the Los Angeles Rams have gone undefeated in the playoffs and try to win it all in Inglewood this Sunday night.

Now as Lions fans, this is as good as it's going to get for us. Stafford and Eminem at the Big Game. We'll take it.

As Lions fans supporting our former QB, we've taken a lot of hits for not only supporting the man and his quest for the big win and the ring but we've also been accused of being bandwagon fans and jumping on board the LA Rams express.

I support the man. I am a Lions fan. I have been here since the Silverdome days, Barry, Mike Utley, Chris Spielman, Wayne Fontes, and more.

I have a Jason Hanson jersey people.


I don't have.

And I won't have.

One of these.

I really didn't even know this was a thing. Not until today.

I saw a friend had shared this logo on Facebook and I thought, ok...that's cute.

But it's a t-shirt now? And you can buy it. Locally even?

I mean you'd have to make a trip up to Mt. Pleasant to grab one from these guys.

But...come on.


Do you want one of these? Would you wear it? Even after the game? It's a bit much for me and truly feels like "BEYOND" bandwagon jumping.

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The Detroit Rams Stafford Shirt?

Yeah or nay?

What say you?

And what does Matthew have to say? Not about the t-shirt or the logo. But about winning this game...even for us back here in the mitten state? You should read this.

Good luck Matthew. I pray you get what you deserve.

I mean hey, if Suh got one...

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