Detroit has made another list of being tops in the country, unfortunately this one is a list they probably wish they never made.

Detroit has been made one of the most sinful cities in America by the personal finance website Wallethub.

The website ranked Detroit the 7th most sinful city in the U.S. out of a list of the 150 most populated cities in the United States.  The list judged the cities using 32, what they call key metrics including:

  • violent crimes per capita
  • excessive drinking
  • potential for cheaters
  • and theft

They categorized these metrics into seven, what they call key dimensions, including:

  1. anger
  2. hatred
  3. jealousy
  4. excesses and vices
  5. greed
  6. lust
  7. vanity and laziness.

The city of Detroit rankings in those categories are as follows:

  1. Excesses and vices - 5th
  2. anger and hatred - 6th
  3. jealousy - 13th
  4. laziness – 14th
  5. greed – 31ist
  6. lust – 95th
  7. vanity - 152nd

The highest rankings in the categories of excesses and vices, anger and hated and jealousy are defined by Wallethub as:

Excesses and vices: share of obese adults, fast-food establishments per capita, excessive drinking, share of adult smokers, share of adult coffee drinkers, share of population using marijuana, retail opioid prescriptions dispensed per 100 persons, drug overdose deaths and debt-to-income ratio.

Anger and hated: violent crimes per capita, sex offenders per capita, bullying rate, hate-crime incidents per capita, hate groups per capita.

Jealousy: Thefts per capita, identity-theft complaints per capita, fraud and other complaints per capita.

What is even more interesting is that Grand Rapids was ranked as the 56th most sinful city in America with their worst ranking coming in the anger and hatred category with a ranking of #14.

What city ranked as the least sinful city in America according to the website Wallethub, well that was South Burlington, Vermont.

Will there be a rush to move to South Burlington, Vermont?  I hear they have great ice cream in that state.

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