It is sad what the media and the Democrat party, I guess I am repeating myself there, has done and what they are continuing to do to the fabric of our society. The destruction they have created and keep stoking is very sad.

They built up Trump as a monster and all the low information people and good people that are not that interested in politics only saw the headlines and now believe everything bad in the world is going to happen to them because Donald Trump has been elected President.

Well it is not!

I would ask them what are you going to say if all our lives do become better, will you accept that reality or deny it. If you accept it will you apologize for all the hysterics that you are creating?

Think about what you are doing to the children of America. You are scaring them by making them believe all of the evil which you believe will befall on them and America. What are you setting these children up to be when they become adults? Are they going to be able to make it in the real world when then must go out there and face the realities of life.

You have democrats now that are blatantly calling for the assassination of Donald Trump. Is this what you are teaching them when they face a perceived or conjured up adversity in life, aggression and violence?

There are Democrats that are now asking for betting odds on the chance that President Elect Donald Trump will be killed before the end of 2017.

You proud of yourself for!

There was more than 2000 Democrats in Grand Rapids chanting slogans like "I reject the President-elect," and "Donald Trump has got to go". They certainly have the right to voice their opinion but not the right to clog the streets of downtown Grand Rapids.

You have Democrats saying that the men who voted for President Elect Donald Trump are sexist well is it fair to turn that statement around and say the women who voted for Hillary Clinton are also sexist?

What about the 50 percent of white women in Michigan who voted for Trump, according to exit polls, what are they. Apparently only 43 percent of women in Michigan voted for Clinton.

I say neither are sexist unless you only voted for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because she was a woman or he is a man. Almost everyone I believe voted for their candidate because they believed their stated policies would be better for the country.

Are you going to deny that most people who voted for Trump voted because of issues they care about, not simply because of a candidate’s race or gender? Yes Donald Trump had many flaws, so do most people. He was a flawed messenger but the message was true. Voters, including women, voted for him because they can look past some flaws as they do when they become our wives, husbands or significant others. These people believed he was our best option for improving the economy, overhauling Obamacare and protecting us the citizens of the United States.

Now let us move on to the LGBTQ community. The Democrats and the media, painted Donald Trump as a monster, did they conveniently forget that Trump consistently stood up for gay and transgender rights. Did they conveniently forget that at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Donald Trump said that he would do everything in his power to protect LGBTQ citizens?

Apparently so.

How about this States like Oregon and California that now say they want to secede from the United States. Well I say see you later. I have been wondering for a while what would happen if a state or portion of American where to secede from the United States and all of the liberals and progressives can move there and build their nirvana. I wonder how long that portion of the United States would last before they begged the rest of America to allow them to come back to the Union.

Those are my thoughts what about yours.

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