It seems one of the most respected political commentators in the state thinks Democrats are the anti-hunting party in line I guess with the likes of PETA. At least that is the impression I get from the way he writes one of his recent articles.

In a tortured detour of logic Tim Skubick tries to explain how Republicans are gifted at circumventing the will of the voters by putting forth legislation to offset ballot initiatives. Skubick focused on Senate majority leader Randy Richardvilles proposal to increase the minimum wage in Michigan. Richardville was shot down at first on $8.15 and hour but found bi-partisan support at $9.20. It seems the old adage of everyone has their price is true even in contentious political battles.

As a result the drive to put a measure on the ballot in November to raise the minimum wage in Michigan to $10.10 and hour would be almost meaningless.

Skubick makes the incredible stretch to connect legalizing wolf hunting a couple years ago as circumventing the voters. Here is what he wrote:

And when the anti-wolf hunting crowd wanted to protect the animals, the GOP wrote a law that circumvented their petition drive, which resulted in 23 wolves being shot. Really?

Skubick also found the right quote to round out the paragraph. “My colleagues like to drape themselves in the flag and talk about constitutional rights,” protested Senate Democratic leader Gretchen Whitmer “then they trample on those rights as soon as citizens pursue their right to put issues on the ballot,” she concluded.

Skubick included her comments in the article before pointing out Whitmer joined Richjardville to pass the new $9.20 an hour bill.

It’s also curious that Skubick while trying to make Democrats out to be the anti-hunting crowd that apparently would have saved the lives of 23 wolves except for GOP maneuvers; he failed completely to mention Michigan voters getting tossed under the bus for supporting marriage as an institution involving a man and a woman. He seems to forget the signatures were collected, the matter was put before the voters and Michigan overwhelmingly chose traditional marriage only to have it thrown out in court. That is not worth a mention apparently when discussing the lefts drive for a higher minimum wage.

Now make no mistake I have my differences with my liberal friends and I’ve known Tim for years but it seems unfair, inaccurate really to paint Democrats as anti-hunters. I understand the need to grab attention but in my opinion Tim short changed the left on this one. Yes that was intentional.