We parents quite often feel a bit guilty when giving advice to our children by telling them to do as I say not as I do.  Our children may not know that we are telling them to not do something that we have done and that is where our guilt may come to play.

Well the city of Detroit is asking private companies in Detroit to do what we say not what we do.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential is reporting that the Detroit City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution supporting a $15 per hour minimum wage.  This resolution was pushed by the union SEIU and calls for that $15 minimum wage for janitorial and security workers employed by private firms in the city.

According to the article the resolution states in part:

The Detroit City Council strongly encourages downtown developers to voluntarily commit paying their employees a living wage, particularly their respective janitorial and security general staffs, for projects requiring significant public investment.

What the city of Detroit and their council is not telling you is that many of their jobs including janitors pay somewhere between $9 - $12 dollars per hour. In fact a list of jobs starting at less than $15 was seen advertised a month after the Detroit City Council passed that resolution.

By the way state law prevents local governments from imposing a minimum wage on private employers, except for work done under a contract with a local unit of government.

I ask the Detroit City Council: why don’t you lead by example and “do as you say”?

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