If you believe or agree that the Trump Administration is attacking the Special Counsel Robert Mueller you should ask the question is turnaround fair play?

Back in the 1990’s the Clinton Administration was viciously attacking Special Counsel Ken Starr daily.

The Daily Caller is reminding us of that attack.  Bill Clinton’s campaign manager James Carville said:

there’s going to be a war

Is that statement not extremely aggressive and violent, I thought the Democrats where against violence?

James Carville also called Ken Starr the:

creature from the Black Lagoon, hell-bent on terrorizing the inhabitants of Little Rock in a single-minded quest to defame the President of the United States

So I ask you why hadn’t the New York Times written an editorial back then describing how Clinton was attacking the nation’s law enforcement like they did last May concerning President Trump.

Last May the Times wrote:

 This self-interested assault is doing incalculable damage to the integrity of American law enforcement…It’s up to those people who have devoted their lives to the nation and to the rule of law, like Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the FBI director, Christopher Wray … to stand up to the president and defend these institutions

In fact back during the Clinton administration the New York Times wrote:

White House's All-Out Attack on Starr Is Paying Off

You get the picture?  Whether you agree or disagree with what is happening in and with Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation I hope we can all agree that we should reject the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and their minions in the news.

Start now by rejecting the main stream news, they are hypocritical in their reporting and protect the left while going out of their way to attack the right.  Also reject the politicians in the Democratic Party who are hypocritical in their partisan attacks by not voting for them in their races.

We must heal the nation’s wounds that have been festering for decades and made worse by the incredibly horrible “news” organizations. We must bring back some sanity to our politics and demand that the main stream media hold all political parties and politicians to the same standard.

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