A Bay County couple is just now starting to chuckle about the events that took place on April 24 when a deer crashed through a bedroom window of their home.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In the video below, you'll see pictures of the incident that startled the Digby family just before dinnertime Monday. Jessica Digby says she was getting supper ready for her family at about 4:50 pm when she heard a crash. She went to check on her youngest, a four-year-old, when she spotted the animal on a bed. (Thankfully, she had the wherewithal to snap a picture.)

Jessica tells Mlive she thinks the deer was as shocked as she was.

“I locked eyes with the deer,” Digby said. “I was kind of shocked for a moment. It was like the deer looked at me like, ‘Oh, you’re not supposed to be home.’”


Deer Was Reluctant to Leave the Family's Home

Digby's husband had just gotten home from work and was showering at the time. He was shocked to learn that there was a deer in the home and suggested that his wife let it out the front door.

The deer, however, had other ideas.

When the couple was unable to coax the animal out the front door, they contacted the Bay County Sheriff's Department. When deputies arrived, they helped set up makeshift barricades in order to guide the animal toward the front door where it eventually fled.

Digby says she's starting to see the humor in the situation and says the family will always have a story to tell.

“No one was hurt and when everyone was safe and all was said and done, it was something to laugh about,” she said. “It could’ve been so much worse. It’s more of a blessing because it brought us all closer together.”


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