While Republican incumbant Governor Rick Snyder and his democratic challenger,Congressman Mark Schauer, agree that they should debate before voters head to the polls in November, that's apparently all they agree on.

The "debate impasse" is apparently so severe, that Schaeur has asked a fellow democrat to intervene and find a compromise.

Former lawmaker asked to find a compromise

MLive.com is reporting today that former state lawmaker Dianne Byrum will work to help find a compromise between the two candidates that will fit everyone's schedule.

Schauer is pushing for four debates--at least one of them at night for a greater viewing audience.  Snyder has offered to do a daytime debate before the Detroit Economic Club on October 13th.. He also offered up October 6th as a potential date, citing previous engagements at other times.

Governor Snyder campaign spokesperson Emily Benavides said the ball is now in Congressman Schauer's court.  "Governor Snyder offered two dates and times to debate in front of the Detroit Economic Club two weeks ago."  They say they've heard nothing back on confirmation of that.

WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids is also pushing to host a televised debate.

Even the candidate himself has expressed frustration that even the time and number of debates has become a point of contention.

"There's a long history in this statr of the Detroit Economic Club being a tradition," Snyder is quoted as saying.  "We've accepted that one, and we haven't seen progress on even that front.  So anything else is premature."

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