Wyoming police have released dash cam video of their brief pursuit of a suspected killer. 31 year old Brady Oestrike is said to have shot and killing himself shortly after the video was recorded after crashing into an entrance ramp to U.S. 131 on July 17th.


MLive.com is reporting the man, known as the Craigslist Killer, met his victims--18 year old Brooke Slocum and her 25 year old boyfriend Charles Oppenneer--through a Craiglist ad.  The report indicates the three were to meet for a sexual encounter at a nearby park.

Instead, Oppenneer was found dead at that park by decapitation.  Slocum's body was found the following day in the truck of Oestrike's crashed vehicle.    She was 8 months pregnant.

An Internet task force is now trying to determine if Oestrike could have had other such encounters and whether other victims have yet to be discovered.



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