As someone who is lactose intolerant but also will risk it all for the right foods, I truly appreciate when restaurants and businesses try to cater to folks who either chose the dairy-free life or the dairy-free life chose them.

It makes you feel a lot less "left out" and leaves your gut feeling a whole lot better and that's exactly why these stops in the Lansing area are getting some shine.

What is Non-Dairy Ice Cream Made of?

Obviously, "non dairy" and "ice cream" being paired together seems like a bit of a contradiction, but there are actually plenty of ways to make ice cream so both people who have sensitivities to dairy and those who simply choose not to have it can still enjoy a treat.

Just like we have almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, etc. and they were able to then figure out how to use those for coffee creamers, heavy whipping cream and more, they have also figured out how to turn it into ice cream!

Now, for those who are not vegan, there are also other options that still use cow's milk but do take out or use other proteins that won't upset your tummy, like MOO-ville's A2A2 milk (more on that later).

I remember when I got so excited that we were able to start purchasing pints of dairy-free ice cream in the frozen section at grocery stores, but few things come close to the joy of being able to get some at a local ice cream shop.

Living the dairy-free life often means having to sacrifice textures you know and love, like soft serve, but local ice cream shops have figured it out so you can hardly tell a difference.

Where to Find Dairy-Free Ice Cream in Lansing

Of course, these different options can come at a cost which is why not EVERY ice cream shop can cater to the kind of clientele that may need it. Also, not EVERY person would be ordering it and sometimes, more goes to waste than sold to enough people to make it worth it.

However, there are some stops in the Lansing area that have figured it out and even gotten incredibly creative with it:

Dairy-Free/Vegan Ice Cream in the Greater Lansing Area

When you're lactose intolerant, vegan or just choosing to live dairy-free, it can be a struggle navigating a bustling food scene like Lansing's. It's especially harder to enjoy sweet treats like ice cream which is why more and more spots are offering non-dairy options!

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Thank You, Mid-Michigan Ice Cream Shops

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to going out for ice cream as a lactose intolerant person, I often just risk the discomfort later for ice cream that actually tastes good.

Thanks to the ice cream shops mentioned above, and ones we may have forgotten (let us know), people in my position don't have to sacrifice flavor and fun for our health.

These treats look as delicious as any other ice cream and for that, myself and vegans and tummy sufferers everywhere are thankful.

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