We knew earlier today that Senator Cruz was going to make a big announcement this afternoon. The prediction was he was either going to inform us that Indiana Governor Mike Pence was going to endorse him or he was going to inform us who his VP pick is.

Well it was to inform us of his VP pick. As many as you may know it is former Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Does this announcement really mean anything to you?

I knew he had to do something to change the news cycle of the 5 loses he incurred yesterday.  In fact, he came in 3rd place in 4 of the 5 primaries.

So it was a desperate play by a desperate man who is seeing his chance to be the Republican presidential nominee slip away.  I certainly understand what he is trying to do, it must be heart breaking to come so close and not win. He has put his heart and soul into this campaign.

Again I ask you the question, does it really matter to you? Do you believe someone in Indiana, a state that Cruz must win, who was going to vote for Trump will now vote for Cruz? I do not.

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