A 59 year old Illinois man has been charged with a scam that has affected those all over the state of Michigan and beyond.

Suspect arraigned after arrest in Grand Haven

MLive.com is reporting that Raymond Stewart, who was arraigned on Tuesday, is suspected of fraud for cloning pre-paid credit cards.

The incidents are likely to have occured within a several day period in the the Midwest.  Stewart was arrested in Grand Haven after a clerk at a Wesco station there noticed suspicious activity.  The clerk had been alerted to a man using several pre-paid cards at a store in Spring Lake earlier in the day.

The clerk is being credited for asking questions of the suspect in an attempt to get information on him which was then provided to the police.

The multi-state case even garnered the attention of the U. S Secret Service.

There's no word yet on just how much money was involved in the alleged scam.  That information is likely to come out in future court proceedings.

Stewart is also facing charges of driving with a suspended license and illegal possession of a taser.

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