Cases soared last week here in the state of Michigan, with yesterday's cases reaching over 8,000 cases here in the state of Michigan.

Today's latest case numbers are down a few thousand, with 5,177 new confirmed cases of the virus with 48 deaths.

Ingham County now reports 17,811 new confirmed cases in Mid-Michigan, with 295 deaths. Jackson County now reports 10,884 cases with 226 deaths. Eaton County now reports 6,585 cases of the virus with 152 deaths.

Meijer announced they would be expanding their vaccinations to all of their stores earlier this week.

This week Meijer plans to conduct more than 950 clinics in it’s stores throughout the midwest. Meijer also supports FEMA at the mass vaccination clinics currently going on at Ford Field. It’s very easy to register for an appointment at Meijer for the Covid-19 vaccine, simply text COVID to 75049, you will then receive a link to register for your appointment. As the stores receive the vaccines registered customers will be notified for a date to receive the vaccine, WXYZ reported.
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Vaccine passports were also up for discussion earlier this week.

The report said that a digital version of the vaccine passport would be available through smartphone apps and “could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass.” Developers explained that people should also have the option of printing out a vaccine passport. The vaccine passports are expected to face “significant hurdles” surrounding data privacy and making sure that the passports cannot be counterfeited.

For the latest COVID-19 numbers here in the state of Michigan, click here.

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