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Disgraced former Michigan State Representative Todd Courser won’t rule out the possibility of running for office again.

During an interview on the Steve Gruber Show, airing statewide on 17 stations over the weekend, Courser who resigned his seat September 11th, amid an ugly sex scandal that has raged for weeks would not dismiss the idea of seeking office again. When pressed he said he would cross that bridge when he came to it and would make his decision after healing his family and praying to God what to do next.

Courser said during the hard-hitting interview that he was ‘targeted’ from the beginning by House Speaker Kevin Cotter and other Republicans because he didn’t fit in with his hard right agenda. Gruber pressing the former lawmaker and asked, “Todd what are people going to think about you”, pointing out Courser seemed ready to blame everyone else but not take responsibility for his own behavior and his strange series of fictitious stories about his sexual affair with Cindy Gamrat. Gamrat was expelled on Friday morning by her colleagues as well for her role in the affair, cover-up and inappropriate use of taxpayer funds. Gruber went so far during the interview as to suggest Courser may be a candidate for ‘professional help’, alluding to the idea that Courser may need mental help.

You can hear the entire interview on The Steve Gruber Show Monday September 14, 2015. Tune in from 6am to 9am on The Michigan Talk Network.