You know the old saying, you can't catch the same bug twice. You must be wondering if that is also the same with coronavirus.

The new COVID-19 variants that had originated in the United Kingdom has made its way to the states, and one of those states included Michigan. At this time, there has only been one confirmed case of the variant.

Over 500,000 Michiganders have had COVID-19 so far since March, and the big question is, should they be concerned if they already have antibodies.

“No. Being that people have already had COVID, certainly their immunity is multi-faceted meaning that not just one component of the virus does their immune system recognize. It recognizes a great majority of that and will mount a response to that,” Sparrow Lab director Dr. James Richard said to WILX.

So far, 300,000 Michigan residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine, which also protects against the variant.

“If they’ve had the vaccine, they also need not worry because whenever vaccines are manufactured, they’re manufactured to stimulate immunity in multiple sites on the virus in an effort to combat against having it so specific that, if there was a mutation, it would no longer be helpful,” Dr. Richards added.

According to new evidence, the new strain spreads far more easily.

“All of the precautions that we’ve been doing will also be the same precautions we will be using in order to prevent this particular new variant. All the more important to wear masks, do social distancing, wash our hands, and sort of, if you will, shelter in place,” said Dr. Richard.

COVID tests will pick up the new variant.

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