Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature set tuition hike limits in the state budget back in 2012, and the plan appears to be keeping increases down. is reporting that while Michigan's 15 public universities are all asking for a bit more for tuition this year, the hikes are within limits set by the Snyder administration and save state funding for the institutions.

The House Fiscal Agency recently listed the average tuition hike for in-state undergraduates  at 2.78%.  Well in compliance of the better than 3% hike allowed by the governor and paving the way for the facilities to receive a  5.9% state funding hike.

The article lists Wayne State and Saginaw Valley each increasing tuition 3.19%.  While most are in line with those numbers, some universities, like Michigan Tech, increased their tuition costs by just over a half percentage point.

Michigan State University is looking at a 2.76% hike for 2015.  For The University of Michigan, the numbers are just over 2 and a half percent.  Central Michigan's increase is listed as 2.94% while students at Western Michigan University will see a more than 3% hike.

The figures are pending final certification by the State Budget Director.

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