When I think of August in Michigan I think of high 80s and a lot of humidity. How about you?

The weather here is always unpredictable and this summer has been nothing but thunderstorms and rain. Well, instead of giving us a couple weeks of decent summer weather, Michigan has once again asked us to hold it's beer so it could do it's thing.

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If you're not a fan of the summer heat, then you'll probably enjoy this news. Michigan weather is going to be throwing out fall vibes early.

According to MLive, the first week of August is going to look a lot like the first week of September. So, it could be good news if you're someone who works outside and needs a break from the heat.

Michigan's August Cold Spell

The high for next month is expected to be in the 70s and low 40s some mornings. So if you're going up to the U.P. or camping next week, don't forget to layer up because it's going to be a bit chilly.

If you're bummed and you want summer to stay a little longer, good news is that it looks like we're only going to have a 10 day cold spell. Things should be warming up mid-August.

For more information on what the weather is going to be like in August and why, visit MLive's website.

I love summer but I also love fall and I'm alright if we get some cooler weather next week. It's a nice little break from the heat.

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