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When you no longer have the trust of- well pretty much anyone, it is time to step down in public life. For Republican State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat that time is now. The affair between the two would have been damaging enough but as they say ‘the cover-up is far worse than the crime.’

Courser it now seems schemed and planned to distribute a completely fictional story by email and a key legislative aid alleging he had sex with a male prostitute. It appears from audio recordings that Courser had the idea that the outrageous story would make his affair seem trivial by comparison.

The problem is that both Courser and Gamrat have evoked their Christian faith on many occasions and the deafening hypocrisy is simply too much to handle.

Interviews with former House employees and the recordings reveal the pair used their taxpayer-funded elected offices to maintain and cover up their relationship.

It is time to apologize, resign and move on. There is just no alternative at this point.