Just in time for Christmas Consumers Energy sent my wife and me a Christmas gift.  That gift was a 79.8%, let’s just call it an even 80%, increase in the cost of natural gas as compared to the same billing period the year before.   I was extremely shocked since the previous reporting on our energy crises brought on by the policies of Biden and his administration were as follows: the average increase in electricity would be 6%, natural gas 30% and propane 50%.  Those averages are nationwide and not only applicable to the state of Michigan.

When I called Consumers Energy to inquire if I has misread my Christmas gift from them the first response of the customer service agent was, I must have.  They then looked over my bill and I heard the word huh and that is when I knew I was correct.  The customer service agent then came back to me and said that indeed the cost of natural gas did increase by approximately 80%.  They then informed me to contact the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) if I had any other concerns about the increase.

When I called the MPSC I was informed the state was closed for the holiday.  I called on Thursday, December 23rd which the state of Michigan considered Christmas eve and Friday the 24th which the state considered Christmas day.  I then called on Thursday, December 30th, and found out that they once again are closed for the holiday.  Guess what state holiday was on Thursday, December 30th, New Year's Eve and Friday December 31st was New Year’s Day according to the state of Michigan.  Wonder why this state is run so poorly they do not even know which day Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on.  Gretchen, Christmas is always on December 25th and New Year’s Day should really be self-explanatory, it always falls on January 1st.

Back to the issue at hand.

Have you checked out your natural gas bill?

Here is a copy of the 11-19-2021 to 12-19-2021 billing period:

attachment-Screenshot (4)

As you can see the “Gas Cost Recovery” is 4.19930

Here is a copy of the 11-20-2020 to 12-20-2020 billing period:

attachment-Screenshot (3)

As you can see the “Gas Cost Recovery” is 2.3350

An increase of 1.8643 or approximately 80%.

At least the cost of electricity only increased by 3.8% over last years same billing period so we got that going for us.

I will be interviewing a representative from Consumers Energy on my radio show later in the week to explain what the "Gas Cost Recovery" cost on their bill means and what is driving the increase in energy prices, stay tuned.

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