The first lawsuit in the tragic Hogarth Avenue explosion has been filed.

Nationally-known attorney Geoffrey Fieger issued a press release Monday morning stating he has filed a lawsuit against Consumers Energy.  In his statement, Fieger indicates he has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Consumers Energy for what he describes as  "gross negligence".

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Fieger notes that 55-year-old Lisa Rochowiak was killed on November 22, 2021, when her home exploded as the result of a gas leak.

“Lisa called Consumers the morning of November 22nd to report the odor of gas. A Consumers Energy crew responded and assured her there was no leak. Later that night her home exploded. It is outrageous that the Consumers Power Company had an opportunity to save 2 lives, over 20 homes, and failed to do so. This is gross negligence”, Fieger said in the release. 
The court document states that Consumers Energy visited Rochowiak's home on Hogarth Avenue the morning of November 21, 2021, and assured her there was no gas leak after she reported smelling gas. Later that evening the home exploded killing Rochowiak along with a neighbor in another home, 3 years old NuVeah Lucas.

Has Consumers Energy Responded to the Lawsuit Filed in Flint Explosion?

According to reports, Consumers Energy has responded to the lawsuit with the following statement:

“Consumers Energy is aware of a lawsuit filed following the November house explosion in Flint. Our hearts continue to go out to residents of this community. We have completed field evaluation of our equipment, facilities, and service, working alongside law enforcement and other agencies and determined there were no issues relating to our natural gas system and service. Consumers Energy has no record of being notified of a gas leak in the home or any related issue prior to the incident. We believe the allegations in the lawsuit are inaccurate and that the legal claims are without merit."

Genesee County Judge Joseph Farah has been assigned to hear the case.

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