A number of ballot proposals were considered to be on the ballot today, but in the end, only one made it.  Yet despite the limited proposal section before voters, some say casting a ballot could be just too confusing. Here's the truth about Proposal 1 from a group with no dog in the hunt--The Citizens Research Council of Michigan.

Proposal 1 would eliminate the personal property taxes that businesses pay.  Most believe it is an onerous tax that puts a burden on businesses, keeping many from expanding and creating jobs.

But while described as a "win" for pretty much all involved, is it?  There will be some losers if the proposal passes, but is that enough to offset the gains to future economic growth in Michigan?

Some have complained the wording of the ballot language is confusing and that could likely prompt some to simply vote no without further investigation.

I sat down with Craig Thiel with the Citizens Research Council of Michigan to get some answers on what Proposal 1 would accomplish and at what cost.  Here's that interview.

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