At one point, Michigan was a booming industry all around. You couldn't get too far without running into one type of factory or another.

Today, you wouldn't be as likely to have that occur, but it doesn't mean it's not cool just to sit back and reminisce.

Did You Know Howell Was Once Home To A Condensed Milk Factory

If you're from the lower Michigan area, you're probably familiar with Howell. A Michigan city smushed between Brighton and Fowlerville, and a wonderful place to drive through, and also do some shopping in today's world.

If you were to look back a good hundred years ago though, you would've seen a little bit of a different set-up.

In fact, at one point in the history of Howell, Michigan, there was a condensed milk factory. This was a game changer for the city, as they used to have to get most of their milk from Lansing.

The factory had first opened its doors back in April of 1894 and gave way to new jobs for the folks of Howell. Unfortunately, a fire ripped through the plant in 1913, killing two workers, and destroying the plant itself.

Take a look below at the old condensed milk factory, that brought many jobs to the way of the Howell area.

Did You Know Howell Had A Condensed Milk Factory?

Back when Michigan was a booming metropolis for business, you would've seen factories galore. Take a look at a now long gone piece of history in Howell, that supplied condensed milk to the residents of Howell. Unfortunately, a fire took out the factory in 1912.

It should be noted as well, that the factory also employed both males and females as well.

Vintage Photos of Howell

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