Kids all over America walked out of their classrooms this week. Ostensibly it was about protesting government inaction on gun control. The truth is most of them had no idea what they were walking out for except to go along with the crowd. They have a belief system rooted squarely in what they learn on social media despite many of those ideas having absolutely no foundation in truth or reality. Despite having a super computer in the palm of their hands millions of young people are amazingly ignorant about some of the most basic concepts of math, science, history and simple common sense.

They are led by peer pressure fueled by iPhones, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They are more interested in instant gratification than actual conversations about ideas that don’t line up with their own built in the world of on-line fantasy. They buy into ideas that somehow America is an unfair place that is stacked against the average person. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are buying into the idea that the United States Constitution is a document rooted in the nations original sin of slavery and can never be redeemed. The idea is patently absurd but the self-proclaimed anarchists, atheists, antagonists and the collective of hateful degenerates that feed at the bottom of the Internet propagate it daily. They sell a toxic intoxicating stew of rebellion, lawlessness and false freedom that is intoxicating to the young and uninitiated. They push the idea that America can only reach true greatness if it is fundamentally gutted and rebuilt. They proclaim that injustice surrounds us all and the only way to achieve greatness is to first knock down the oppressors that have everyone chained in servitude to the beast of capitalism. The problem is the cure they are selling is far worse than the disease.

They push the idea that the only way to achieve freedom is to take it from others. The only path to economic freedom is the government-sanctioned redistribution of wealth. They call such manipulations social justice when in reality it is more times than not theft. They will happily surrender the First Amendment in the name of ending ‘hate speech’. The Second Amendment can be sacrificed in the name of safety. The Fourth Amendment means nothing if it means they can snoop into peoples lives to end thoughts they don’t agree with. They hate government but insist we embrace more of it in the name of liberty.

They look blindly at the shooting in Parkland, Florida. They demand the government eliminate the right to hundreds of guns so school kids can be safer but ignore that at least four government agents stood outside while 17 people were murdered in side the High School. They demand we have more police protection while protesting in the streets when police officers actually to their jobs.

It is amazing that these kids can function at all when they are not tethered to their smart phones. I mean most of these kids have never known life without a computer in their hands. They can’t add or subtract without a calculator. They cannot spell without spell check. They can’t remember anything without a reminder alarm. They can’t even write using a pen or pencil because they only use keyboards and smartphones.

They have been given the greatest communication devices in the history of mankind but are nearly unable to communicate in many situations. We have created an entire generation of socially handicapped kids that are nearly helpless without their devices.

What will happen if the lights go out? What if the power is gone for a couple weeks? I’m serious. How they hell will these people survive without SnapChat and Instagram?

If you don’t mind I would like to pull the plug and just see how these people react when they are disconnected from their electronic nipples.

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