The hypocrisy is dripping and pooling on the floor at CNN concerning this one.

The Daily Caller is reporting on Chris Cillizza, CNN editor-at-large who posted a gif containing crosshairs over the image of President Trump yesterday.

Here's a screenshot of what he tweeted

Chris Cillizza later deleted his tweet and insisted that he did post the picture but when he did there were no crosshairs.  Cillizza now blames  the GIF service used by CNN.

Apparently this can happen if someone uses a GIF (picture) that is hosted on a different server than there own.

The question is why is he using a GIF/picture that is hosted on another website and not on CNN’s?

Now why did I bring up the hypocrisy issue in the first sentence, do you remember the attack against Sarah Palin when journalist accused Palin of inciting violence against opponents and even blamed her for allegedly inspiring the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords.  She did not even have crosshairs like Chris she had surveyor marks they lied about and said were crosshairs.

See what the extreme progressive “news site” Huffington Post had to say about it.

Now when Sarah Palin said the picture was not what they think it was Cillizza said at the time that Sarah Palin should stop portraying herself as a victim.

So Chris stop portraying yourself as a victim, it is not flattering.

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