The one on the far left, with that beautiful dress LOL, is the deep caring and wonderful Carol Costello.

These people at CNN are extremely nice and caring liberals right?

CNN news anchor Carol Costello had to apologize yesterday for her insensitive comments towards women, can I say that she and the network were attacking women, about the recent Bristol Palin audio that the police released this week.

CNN news anchor Carol Costello stated the following “Over the past few days I have been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family. In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize,”.

In the audio, Palin tells police an account of a assault that took place at a park she was in.

This deep caring, sensitive women from CNN Carol Costello played the police recording during “CNN Newsroom” Wednesday morning, saying it was ”quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.”

I have been telling you, my listeners, for years that many people on left that are pundits or news anchors are really not who they portray themselves as.  They are not nice, caring, sensitive people who deeply care about people.  They are mean, vindictive and shallow.

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