Closing arguments are scheduled for today in the trial of the man suspected of terrorizing motorists in a four-county area in 2012. 

Statements from both the prosecution and defense in the trial of 44 year old Raulie Casteel will reiterate testimony presented during the two-week old trial.  Both men, though, are telling a much different story to jurors on what happened along the I-96 corridor more than a year ago, The Detroit News reports.

Those with the prosecution from the state Attorney General's office are fighting any claims that Casteel was mentally ill when he allegedly fired on unsuspecting motorists in Livingston, Ingham and Shiawassee Counties back in October, 2012.  While Casteel took the stand in his own defense to say he didn't want to kill anyone, prosecutors say he was reckless and could easily have taken a life in the rampage.

Defense attorney,s meantime, say Casteel was telling the truth on the stand and that he suffers from paranoia that prompted him to believe the government was working with a former employer to ruin him.  Casteel testified that he thought they were was listening in on his phone calls and following him, his wife and daughter.  He claimed on Monday that he was getting subliminal messages during Detroit Tiger baseball games that told him to commit the crimes.

Prosecutors have asked Judge David Reader to not allow an insanity defense that would have allowed the defense to call expert witnesses.  Casteel is charged with a number offenses including terrorism and assault with intent to commit murder.  If convicted, he could face life in prison.