The call for volunteers to help put up and remove a Christian nativity scene on the lawn of the State Capitol has been successful, to say the least.  In fact, the Republican Senator leading the charge to bring it back says he'll be responsible himself to make sure the display is available for all to see during this Christmas season.Senator Rick Jones, announcing today on the Steve Gruber Show on 1240 WJIM radio, that the display will be put up at the Capitol on Friday.  A noon event is described that will include Christmas carols and prayer.

The public is invited to attend.

The move to resurrect the Nativity Scene was prompted by another display set to hit the Capitol lawn on Sunday.  Members of a Satanic Temple in Detroit will erect a controversial display that involves a snake and a cross.

Jones, a Republican from Grand Ledge,  says since the story broke, he's received hundreds of offers on Facebook to assist in the maintenance of the display, but he says he's more than willing to put in the extra time to handle the task himself.

State law requires such displays be put up and taken down daily to minimize the chances of theft or vandalism.

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