A conservative activist Robert Morrow went to a Chelsea Clinton book signing in Texas and made a fool of himself.

As reported by the Americanmirror.com new site I saw and heard the video of this extremist asking Chelsea the following questions when she was signing her book for him:

“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton?”

He asked this ridiculous question because there has been a long-time running rumor that Hillary was having an affair with Webb Hubbell, their long time attorney.

We as conservatives cannot accept this type of behavior, we do not think it is right when the liberals do it and it is not right when Conservatives do it.  Turn around is not fair play in this instance.

Chelsea’s response was great, she respond by saying “I am so proud to be my parents’ daughter.”

This conservative extremist, unless he was plant, then asked Chelsea the following when referring to Clinton’s book being geared towards kids:

“Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

She appropriately did not get baited into making an emotional response and said “I would say my book is really resonating with kids, I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.”

Well done Chelsea, well done.

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