Charles Hernick is the Director of Policy and Advocacy for Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.


Phase 1 of China trade deal will mean $53 billion in US energy exports


Steve Gruber: Charles, Welcome to the program.
Charles Hernick:  Good morning Steve. It's good to be back.
Steve Gruber:  Good to have you back. So tell me where what what do you think are some of the key positives of the phase 1 Deal on them about the unknowns which are a lot but let's start with some of the positives. What do you see? That's good here.
Charles Hernick: Yeah. Absolutely. First. I see an opportunity that we can relax some of the tariffs that we've needed to put up against China Steve. I'm a free-trade guy and I've always believed in free trade, but at the end of the day China hasn't been playing by the rules and they took advantage. Age of a situation where we were trying to work with them. So the big wins for us are protections for intellectual property protections for our businesses that they're not going to have their hands forced in technology, and then it's huge for energy and that's my special concern. But we're likely to see substantially more oil and liquefied natural gas exports.
Steve Gruber:  Yeah. So you see that which is extremely important. Obviously the Americans have become net exporters of energy just in the last couple of years, which is huge for this country.

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