If you drive an electric vehicle but find yourself annoyed at having to stop and 'charge up' then you'll be happy to hear this.

I have to be honest, this feels like one step closer to "The Jetsons" era. No cars aren't flying just yet. However, there are currently plans to build the first ever charging road in the United States. And it's being built right here in Michigan.

As reported by WoodTV, the proposed section of road would be about one mile long and would serve as a charging source for either private or public transportation electric vehicles.

This proposal is brand new. Just yesterday, 9/21, Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the announcement. As of right now, the counties considered for this new electric charging road are Wayne, Macomb, or Oakland counties. A full proposal from the Michigan Department of Transportation is expected to be delivered on September 28. At that point, a decision will, hopefully, be made about where and how to install this revolutionary technology.

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In the meantime, if you find yourself in need of a charge there are several locations across SW Michigan that provide charging ports. There are a couple of different websites that can help you locate a charging port wherever you are including Plugshare.com and Chargehub.com.

In fact, a Meijer in Portage recently added their own charging station as well. You can read more below:

In regards to any future plans involving this charging road, you can stay up to date on the Michigan Department of Transportation's website.

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