Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is headed for the door and no it was not his decision. The choice was made by Valerie Jarrett and approved by President Barack Obama.

Hagel has become a bigger liability in recent weeks for suggesting the obvious that ISIL/ISIS is a deadly plague creeping through the Middle East that is about to unleash it’s deadly radical Islam on the rest of us. The notion that these terrorist savages are somehow the JV squad or that we can fight them without boots on the ground is something Hagel seems to not agree with. Anyone who doesn’t coddle this narcissistic President has no chance of sticking around. He won’t tolerate it nor will Jarrett the guard dog.

So today after being hammered in the mid-term elections by the Republicans Obama and his progressive minions are looking for shelter but despite all that they refuse to share a foxhole with a multiple Purple Heart winner like Chuck Hagel.