Random Acts of Kindness Day is coming up on February 17th, so if you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate, we have some for you. Below I have some easy acts of kindness that you might do in your daily life and also you can see some other acts of kindness that might take some time but are still worth it.

Here are some easy acts of kindness or acts of kindness that you might do on a daily basis and might not know.

  1. Leave money on a vending machine for someone
  2. Bake cookies for your neighbors or co-workers
  3. Serve at a homeless shelter or donate your time to an animal shelter
  4. Pick up litter on the street
  5. Let someone go in front of you in line
  6. Give a stranger a compliment
  7. Make dinner for a family in need
  8. Pay for someone's parking for other road payment
  9. Leave a bigger tip than usual on your next bill
  10. Baby sit a friend's kid or neighbor's kid.
  11. Call your parents or grandparents 
  12. Pay for another student’s or co-worker's lunch
  13. Offer to give a friend a ride home

Here are some acts of kindness that might take a few steps to accomplish but are still doable this weekend or any day.

  1. Do a 5k for a good cause (you will have to train a bit for this)
  2. Create a holiday for someone you love or a friend 
  3. Shovel a neighbor's driveway or Mow a neighbor's lawn
  4. If you’re an Amazon.com customer you can donate Amazon.com’s money to your favorite U.S. nonprofit through Amazon Smile. 
  5. If you’re a business, leverage what you do every day to do good and perform acts of kindness.
  6. Make someone a homemade blanket or scarf
  7. Invite friends or co-workers over for dinner or a gathering
  8. (For Kids or Family) Introduce your kids to donating time at a food kitchen or animal shelter
  9. Adopt an animal at the shelter (it will do good for both of you)
  10. If you see your kid or another kid struggling in school, you can tutor them or get them on the right track to a good tutor. 

If you need other ideas of random acts of kindness, you check out more here. 

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