The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conducting enhanced passenger screenings at Detroit Metro Airport amid growing concerns over the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

It seems that everyone is talking about this deadly disease and it certainly isn't going away any time soon.

According to WILX, the death toll in China continues to rise as 132 people have died from the virus and almost 6,000 cases of the virus have been reported.

The World Health Organization said that they are increasing the global risk of assessment posed by the virus from moderate to high risk.

The global risk assessment is high, the regional level is high, and for China, it's very high.

It definitely is an emergency. It's an emergency in China. It's not widely spreading outside of China yet, but we have to be prepared just in case.

Health officials say because the virus behaves like the flu, the best way to protect yourself against it is to practice the same behaviors you would against the flu such as washing your hands often and staying home when you are sick.

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