Today is the day when a lot of things around the state are starting to open and CATA is right there to start reopening their facilities to the public. According to WILX, CATA is preparing several Lansing CATA facilities to re-open soon with the same duties as they had before COVID-19.

The local CATA facilities that will be opening are: CATA Transportation Center in downtown Lansing, the Administration Building in south Lansing and the Capital Area Multimodal Gateway in East Lansing. They won't be opening today but you can expect to see changes at all of these places during this week.

If you are riding CATA this week you won't need payment as payment for fares and boarding from the front door will be happening again starting on June 15th. This means that CATA will be re-introducing passes and tokens, so if you don't have passes or tokens you can order them online here.

You will still have to adhere to social distance guidelines and will have to wear a face mask on CATA.

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