On the verge of the Michigan Presidential debate set for tonight, Detroit native and Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson says he can see “no path forward” politically and has effectively brought his White House bid to an end. Carson came out of Super Tuesday without winning any primaries or caucuses. He will not be on stage for the Republican debate in Detroit, instead setting his sights on the CPAC gathering in Washington.

Michigan voters will be casting ballots this coming Tuesday in the states primary but the states favorite son, and world famous neurosurgeon will not be competing for votes or delegates.

Meanwhile another Michigan native has apparently been turned loose by Republican forces trying to topple Donald Trump’s run to the nomination. Mitt Romney, a Michigan native and the GOP 2012 nominee, has come out with a series of attacks on the frontrunner. Romney has alleged Trump might have a “bombshell” in his tax returns but offered nothing to back it up. Romney also joined the political and media mob attacking Trump for allegedly being too soft on pushing back on an endorsement from a well know racist and white supremacist.

There are persistent rumors that Romney is waiting for a chance to get selected as the Republican nominee for President if there is a contested convention. Some have suggested Romney is prepping to join the race now but I don’t think that is even feasible.

However later today- Romney is said to be making a major announcement a few hours before the Detroit debate. He is expected to say nasty things about Donald Trump. One person close to the former Massachusetts Governor says the comments will make him the center of the political universe for awhile, whatever that means.

Right now it is pure speculation about what Romney might say but it is easy to point out that right now Carson is out of the conversation and Romney is in.