If you haven't already, do you plan on getting back on an airplane or traveling soon? Airfares seem to go down as kids go back to school, but if you are traveling soon here are some tips on how to get get a great fare from afar.com.

In order to find the best prices, you should book airfare no later than three weeks in advance no matter where you are headed.  Hopper’s data shows that airfares seem to go up quite a bit two weeks leading up to your departure. Prices go up 25% two weeks before your trip, and up to 30 percent in the final week.

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On my last two trips, I flew out of Grand Rapids and it was pretty Convenient for me. Of course, I always check Capital Region first, GRR next, then Detroit Metro.

Picking Up a Bit At Captial Region Airport

So. The number of passengers flying out of Capital Region International Airport had dipped quite a bit the last year, about 75 percent the last year or so, but the good news is it's starting to get better every week.

2 years ago almost 14,000 passengers flew out of the airport. The numbers dropped big time after the pandemic, but by June of last year, it had inched back up to almost 1700.

It’s a slow progression. We continue to see about every month another 10 percent-plus increase in passenger numbers. Every month we continue to see increases in the number of seats there are available in a market from airlines," said Nicole Noll-Williams, the president and CEO of the Capital Region Airport Authority. "We’re excited about this growth. We want to get people back to traveling.


Staying Healthy On Flights

If you are flying soon and worried about your health. cdc.gov says most viruses and other germs do not spread very easily on an airplane because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes. Keep in mind though, staying 6 feet apart on flights can be tough so wear a mask just in case, even if you are fully vaccinated and you are worried.

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