There's a theory going around the internet that says if a person puts a shopping cart back or not can determine everything you need to know about them. Let's look into it.

I will preface this by saying of all the things to have a stance on, maybe having a strong stance on shopping carts may be a bit weird but it truly does make sense!

When I was in high school I was a bagger at a grocery store. Part of our job as baggers was to go out into the parking lot before we went on our breaks and before we went home and clear out the cart corrals.

Admittedly, it was absolutely maddening to find carts piled up in random spots because once people saw one cart sitting somewhere it shouldn't, they assumed that was just where the rest of them could go. Because, yeah "someone else will get it, that's what they get paid for."

This theory about shopping cart attempts to make sense of it in very black and white terms.

Basically, people who put their carts away are good, people who don't are bad. However, I'll let the post I saw speak for itself:

It makes the point that yes, while there are no laws or anybody out there enforcing to put carts back, it comes down to if someone is capable of just doing something because it is the right thing to do. "Self-governing" as the post put it.

While it is a bit extreme to say someone is an "animal" or a "savage" because they don't put their cart back, it's not like that's not something I've thought as a joke.

Whenever I would see carts senselessly scattered about, I would say "what are you people, animals!?"

The theory definitely has some good points and definitely gives us a little something more to think about when it comes to the little things like putting a cart where it belongs.

Aldi is one of the stores doing it right, making people use a quarter as a "deposit" as an incentive to return the cart. Other people, like the YouTube channel "Cart Narcs" take the matter into their own hands and call people out.

Who knew people could be so passionate about carts? That being said, who knew carts could be a way to gauge a person's true colors?

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