Security is extremely tight in and around Boston for today's marathon.  They're trying to prevent the same type of terrorist activity that claimed three lives and injured hundreds of others last year.

Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley says in radio interview that he is confident of security at the Boston Marathon


Among those in the race, is Michigan's Lt. Governor Brian Calley.  Calley is part of a contingent from the state that's heading to the area to continue to raise funds for victims of last year's bombings. is reporting that One Fund Boston has already distributed $60 million to 230 individuals. The plan is to continue to raise funds as long as there is need for assistance.

Calley, in a telephone interview today from Boston on WJIM's Steve Gruber Show with Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul, admitted there is concern about security at the event, but that he was confident all that could be done to ensure safety, was being done.

Calley, an avid runner, confessed though, that it could take a while to run the marathon, perhaps four and a half to five hours, but he says the real victory will be in raising money to help those who need it.

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