I have said it before and I will say it again evil is evil no matter who performs the evil acts.

The latest example of evil is the rioting performed by the Democrats and leftist in Berkley California.  Where the leftist attempted and were successful in shutting down free speech because they did not agree with what they were expecting to hear.

Protesters hurled smoke bombs, broke windows, started a fire and pepper sprayed innocent people prompting University of California at Berkeley officials to cancel a speech yesterday by a polarizing editor of Breitbart News, out of safety concerns.

The decision was made two hours before the appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos because a crowd of more than 1,500 had gathered outside the venue, the university said in a statement.

What is even worse is the way the media portrayed these people and I use the term people loosely as protestors instead of rioters.

Can you imagine the widespread media, political and intellectual condemnation of Republicans and conservatives if, after the inauguration of Barack Obama, they had gone on a violent and vicious tear all over the nation as did Democrats and liberals after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

What if republicans had committed such acts as assaulting Obama supporters, setting fires, throwing rocks at the police, carried signs that read disgusting things about Obama or God forbid talked about "blowing up the White House."

The news media would have labeled them as rioters, evil racists and horrible human beings.  They would have stood on their podiums looking down on us plebs and said those people can not accept the will of the voter and the fact that their team lost.  We would have heard that it is time to come together as a nation and give this new President a chance.

Why the difference?

Well I believe it is because Republicans and conservatives hold themselves to a higher standard and are held to a higher standard by the media.  I guess Republicans and conservatives can say with a smile that being held to a higher standard than a rioter is a badge of honor.  The media thinks of Republicans and conservatives as thinking intellectual adults and not children or dare I say teenagers.

I think we can also say that the media holds Democrats and liberals to a lesser standard.  In fact I would go so far as to say that not only does the media hold Democrats and liberals to a different/lower standard but Democrats and liberals hold themselves to a different/lower standard.  Possibly the standard of a hormone ranging teenager.

The question is why do Democrats, liberals and the media hold themselves to a different standard, a lesser standard of a civilized people, and then think they are better human beings than Republicans and conservatives.

Do you remember the Occupy Wall Street protest?  There were physical assaults, robberies and even rapes.  The Democrats and liberals defecated and urinated on police cars and in the streets.  They left the public areas in which they held their riots in a complete mess.

I do not remember a single elected Democrat, liberal or liberal pundit berate that type of behavior, not even President Obama.  They just called that behavior protesting.

Now during your down time when it is only yourself thinking about this issue.  Ask yourself whether you can ever remember Republicans or conservatives who said they were protesting when they were really rioting, urinating or defecating in the street, turning over police cars, calling for the killing of police officers (remember "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!"), looting business and committing criminal acts.

I can guarantee you if you are being honest your answer will be no, I can never remember a time when Republicans or conservatives acted in this childish and criminal behavior.

So the question is: why does the media and the everyday Democrat/Liberal accept this type of behavior by not condemning it at every turn and voting for politicians who themselves accept this type of behavior by being silent or not calling it what it truly is.

We will never be able to handle the large issues facing American today if we cannot at least all be playing on the same field with the same rules.

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