A California woman has been arrested after authorities say she flew across the country to rent an Airbnb in Michigan in order to carry out a sexual relationship with a teenage boy she met online. Police say the boy was 14-years old when they first met.

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Novi police arrested 33-year-old Stephanie Sin after finding evidence that she rented the property for one month in order to meet up with the boy. She would arrange for Uber rides to pick him up and bring her to the Airbnb.

How Did the Relationship Start?

Police tell Detroit TV Station WJBK-TV that Sin met the then-14-year-old on an app. Their chats progressed to text messages which police say got more and more explicit.

This last weekend, the woman bought a plane ticket and flew from California to Michigan. She rented an Airbnb property in Royal Oak and commissioned Uber rides to pick the 15-year-old up in order to bring him to her.

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Police tell the TV station the boy began to feel uneasy and told his parents what had been going on. The boy's parents contacted the Novi police department and the woman was arrested without incident. The police department tells the TV station that Sin didn't even seem surprised when she was arrested.

Charges Pending Against Stephanie Sin

Sin was arrested on one count of child sexually abusive activity and on one count of using a computer to commit a crime.

She is expected to appear in court on April 20.

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