If you are in the mood for another fair, you will have to make a little drive to Marshall for the Calhoun County Fair running this week. This is the oldest county fair in the state! Also another fact: it is located on the grounds of what was going to be the state capitol grounds before Marshall lost its bid to Lansing.

There are tons of things to see as they have rides, plenty of food and grandstand events, which by the way you can get tickets for and see more about here. You can also see some different things like visit eight livestock barns and visit the ducks and geese at the duck pond. Plus they also have the fair museum for you to see the thousands of fair artifacts and memorabilia.

Gates open at 8 AM each day. The Calhoun County Fair is located at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds (720 Fair Street, Marshall, MI 49068).

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