A couple of hundred protesters turned out in Ann Arbor to voice concern over a Missouri Grand Jury not indicting police officer Darren Wilson for murder in the death of teenager Michael Brown in August. The protesters chanted the same message that have become familiar ‘no justice, no peace’. Wilson was cleared of any wrongdoing in the case after the Grand Jury spent more than 75 hours over 25 days and hearing from 60 witnesses. The panel of 9 whites and three blacks examined forensic evidence, blood spatter, clothing, photographs and more.

Despite the exhaustive review and conclusion that the police officer was justified in protecting his own life from the aggressive Brown. However some continued to accuse the system of being biased and the Grand Jury of not giving the Brown family ‘justice’.

Other protests around the state were even smaller. About 100 people turned out in Detroit and for a short time blocked Gratiot Street.

Overall it would seem most Michigan residents are satisfied with the conclusion reached in Missouri.