This is a question that is being asked at some offices now (should we allow pets or not), so now I'll give you the pros and cons of having your pet at work. First off these good and bad things of bringing your pet to work are from telegraph in the UK as well as from the American Kennel Club.

Since I'll be going over both sides, let's cover the benefits or the good of having your pet in the office with you. First according to the American Kennel Club, having your dog in the office relieves stress and it also lowers hormonal stress levels. Another thing that your pet will help with at the office is making new friends and having good interactions with people at office, because who doesn't want to pet a dog. According to the American Kennel Club, offices that allow pets have less turnover, so tell your boss if they allow your dog in the office then the less hiring they will have to do. Another thing that is a positive is that offices that allow dogs will most of the time get better workers because it will attract all candidates looking for a job and not exclude certain candidates. Finally, dogs just make everything better. Dogs improve morale at offices because when you hit a low in the day what can make your day better than petting and hanging with a dog who is always happy to see you.

Since I went over all of the nice things about dogs at the office I unfortunately have to go over all of the bad. One of the biggest cons of having a dog at the office is that people at your office could be allergic. Employees having dog allergies is one of the biggest reasons that offices don't allow dogs in the first place. Next, your dog can disrupt your day with wanting to go on potty breaks you might not have time for and also dogs can disrupt your day by barking at something random in your office. Now I'm not saying your dog isn't trained, but not everyone will have a perfect quiet dog in the office so distractions and disruptions are bound to happen. In addition, here's a con I never thought of but it makes sense and that is that offices don't allow dogs because of insurance reasons. Yes a dog might get a little excited and could knock over something, or worse, they could bite someone resulting a lawsuit you and your office don't want to be a part of.

You can see more of the good and the bad of having a pet in the office here, and if your office is thinking about allowing it, hopefully this blog helps.

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