Sean Gallup - Getty Images

Finally, a heat wave. A real honest to goodness heat wave is coming to Michigan. I mean how long has it been?

When I was a kid (before everybody had air conditioning) we’d see several days each summer where it was smokin’ hot. Night time lows in the 70’s with highs in the mid 90’s and humidity to match. We’d sweat our guts out every night and wake up with our sheets soaking wet.

These days we are told that ‘Global Warming’ is making it hotter than it’s ever been but I’m sorry how old are you? Do you remember those smoking hot summers of the 70’s and 80’s? We haven’t seen a heat wave like that in a very long time.

Well that might change just in time for the Labor Day weekend and in respect of the strongest El Nino in years too. Forecasters say that by mid-week we could all be baking in the 90’s for several days in a row. It makes me think of childhood friends and the dreams we had. (yes of course that was a ripoff, now name it.)

For the worshippers of Green Theology on the left, they will point to the thermometer and declare “See! It’s Global Warming!” I’ll just yawn and say, “Where I come from we call it summer.”

Now could somebody hand me a beer?